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The Logs in the Life of Sirius Black

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Sirius Black
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Full Name: Sirius Adrianus Black
Nicknames: Padfoot, NEVER Siri. Pads or Paddy is acceptable, but only on exceptionally lazy days
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Birthdate: November 2, 1959
Sexuality: Now that is a smashingly good question.
Bloodline: Pureblood
Affiliation: Order of the Pheonix
Animagus Form: A large, black dog.


Physical Attributes: Sirius is handsome, there’s no getting away from that. The elegant slant of his gray eyes are permanently turned to “mischievous twinkle” while his lips, when not stretched in a full out toothy smile, are constantly tilted in a smirk. Lightly tanned skin, tall, muscular build (going a bit soft now that he is sans the well-balanced meals and Quidditch of Hogwarts). He is the product of generations of careful breeding and uppercrust aristocracy, which doesn’t come without its faults. He hates his nose, which is upturned, slender and cuts through the dead center of his face - because it is a physical, unavoidable reminder of his family. Sirius was once hit in the face with a bludger during a particularly fierce match against Ravenclaw and while he was recuperating and bandaged in the Infirmary, he entertained vague fantasies of obtaining any slight imperfection. Alas, the healing touch being as it was, all he was left with was an almost imperceptible scar on the left corner of his upper lip.

Hair: He keeps his hair cut so it just covers his ears, except when he’s depressed and lets it grow long. Sirius’ hair is thick, black and curls somewhat wildly around his head.

Clothes: Sirius dresses in whatever he grabs out of his closet. He is an impulsive shopper when it comes to clothing – going out only when his socks have become holey relics or the elastic in his underpants is no longer performing its necessary duties. When in the store he is apt to pick up, at random, items of clothing for no rhyme or reason other than the fact that he is an independently wealthy young man with cash to burn. Thus, his closet is a chaotic mix of tee shirts, tank tops, tunics, vests, jeans, robes, and the like. He only owns one pair of shoes, however – a pair of black, 8-eye Doc Martens which he maintains he will be buried in.

Tattoos: Sirius is uncommonly good at languages and Runes. Across his right hip bone, strategically placed to peek out of the top of his trousers, are runic lines from the Anglo-Saxon poem “The Wanderer.”

hu sliþen biðhow sorg to geferan þam þe him lyt hafað leofra geholena
(“How cruel is sorrow as a companion to the one who has few beloved friends”)

Of course, few people can translate this, which gives Sirius ample opportunity to make up different meanings according to the situation. This became a running joke for the Marauders, as they have much fun turning it into dirty limericks and rude words.

He also has a small phoenix, obtained in Amsterdam, on the upper part of his back, spreading its wings the span of his shoulderblades.

Jewelry: He doesn't like gold and would never wear silver, giving Sirius few opportunities to accessorize. Fond of collecting bits and pieces that catch his eye, at any given time there can be found an odd assortment of string, wire and leather fastened around his wrists. He also sometimes wears a chain with various makeshift pendants around his neck. On this, Sirius is particularly attached to a small washer he nicked from a Muggle hardware store when he was a kid.


Mother: Walburga Black
Father: Orion Black, d. 1979
Siblings: One younger brother, Regulus, whom he externally wants nothing to do with, but secretly harbors the hope that his brother is not as dumb or evil as he portrays himself.
Cousins: Three, by the names of Andromeda, Narcissa, and Bellatrix. While he was on good terms with them in his youth, he has since drifted from the family and, therefore, from his cousins. He now despises Narcissa and Bellatrix for their Pureblooded ways, and is closest to Andromeda.


Sirius is at constant odds with his past. Raised a Pureblood with the lofty expectations of a Slytherin legacy and all the politics and viewpoints that go along with that, Sirius was a spoiled and arrogant child. His parents were often distant, leaving his upbringing to his governess, a fantastic French woman named Miss Sophia. She taught French and Latin, cultivated in him an appreciation for art and music, and thought of Sirius as her own son. As a quiet sympathizer of Muggle and Halfblood rights, Sophia also introduced Sirius to his first glimpses of a culture outside his own, sneaking him comicbooks (his favorite being Batman) and quiet words of tolerance to contradict his parents politics. She was fired when his father found Regulus staring at an issue of The Astonishing X Men.

Sirius, now left alone with his brother and his house elf, quickly formed a playful animosity with the former and a healthy dislike and fear of the later.

The shame and feelings of inadequacy being a Gryffindor was so great he couldn’t even bring himself to owl his parents for two weeks after his sorting. The slow distancing of his parents thereafter and their subtle shift of attention to their second son, forced Sirius to tentatively attempt to build connections elsewhere. In the beginning, his relationship with his house mates was more of one of antagonism as opposed to the close-knit group they would grow into. However, as his home life grew colder and more and more holidays were spent at school instead of Grimmauld Place, his social life and sphere of influence gradually grew as he bonded over pranks and practical jokes. The Marauders thus become a symbiotic unit, compensating for the others' lacks, strengthening the good qualities and terrorizing the school as a way, for Sirius at least, to vent his frustrations with what he was increasingly coming to see as Right and Wrong.

While Sirius grew apart from the majority of his childhood friends in Slytherin, he did remain close with Barty Crouch Jr., the Slytherin son of a family which, while Pureblooded, was still considered respectable by the general Wizarding population. They were "friends in secret", so to speak - Sirius never broadcasted the fact that he was still on good speaking terms with Barty - although he never deliberately lied to hide it - and never expected Barty to scream it from the proverbial or literal towers. In a way, Barty became Sirius's outlet for when he was in one of his more extreme moods - when he wanted to do things his friends would surely disapprove of and, at times, the law would as well. This lasted throughout his years in Hogwarts.

Sirius’ long and painful rebellion and estrangement from his family came to a boiling point when, at 16, he was kicked out after an explosive fight with his mother that resulted in a small burn on his right shoulder (which Sirius, of course, claims was from a rather dashing bar fight). The Black house before this point had become a veritable battleground, and Sirius often flew spontaneously to James if things got too out of hand. While he pretended that his parents' distaste and hatred for him didn't affect him, Sirius still had problems effectively cutting them out of his life, causing violent mood swings as well as bouts of destructive behavior that often channeled itself into torturing Severus or drinking binges.

Graduation presented another problem. Sirius had great reputation at Hogwarts, his good looks and confident swagger assured that, but absolutely no prospects beyond his seventh year and a fear that that changes of adulthood would result in a distancing of his best friends. Thus, with the help of James and Remus, as well as very useful (and attractive!) Ravenclaws, he was able to pull top marks on his NEWTs. He now lives in London and spends the time that he is meant to be using to look for a job “decorating,” pub crawling, and spending as much time as possible with the other Marauders, a fact which may or may not annoy the hell out of them at times.


Friends: His closest friends are James Potter, Remus Lupin, and Peter Pettigrew, all fellow Marauders.

Enemies: He hates Pureblood elitists, most of which he used to be on good terms with. His greatest enemies are probably members of his own family. He reserves a special spot for Severus Snape, whom he's despised ever since he first met him on the Hogwarts Express.

Significant Other: Sirius is just as flippant about relationships as he is about his sexuality. He'd much rather spend time with his mates then attempt to make the hours of meaningless small talk required to maintain a long term significant other.


House: Gryffindor
Year: Class of 1978
Wand: 13 inches, Walnut, Dragon Heartstring. Good for defense magic.
Positions: Former Quidditch Beater
Best Subject: Sirius is good at most things when he puts his mind to it, although he possesses natural talents for Transfiguration and Runes.
Worst Subject: Divination or Astronomy. Being named after a star does not make one happy to learn about them. The fact that every term his professor would inevitably pun or joke about the dog star didn't make things better. Sirius prefers things more down to earth - things that he can grasp and see. Vague comments about tea leaves and balls of flaming gas billions of miles away do not interest him in the slightest.

Sorting: He was one of the Sorting Hat's longer sorts as one of those borderline Gryffindor/Slytherin cases. He had ambition, and a strong desire to prove himself and be the best, as well as an innovative mind and a keen instinct for how to get what he wanted. He understood, better than most children his age, that the world was never split into black-and-white. However, his passion, unswerving stubbornness and bravery, and the intensity with which he felt his emotions was what eventually convinced that Hat to sort Sirius into Gryffindor, despite Sirius's best attempts to dissuade it. To this day, he remains one of the most morally ambiguous, crafty Gryffindors in his year.


Name Meanings: Sirius is the Dog Star, the brightest star in the Canis Major constellation, and is considered an ill-omen.

Likes: The Marauders, comfort, freedom, laughter, a light approach to life, shiny things, Muggle electric lights, pubs and music that would drive his mother mad, getting his way, living his life, succeeding.

Dislikes: Those who follow the rules, stupidity, categories, boxes, regulations, restrictions, paperwork, vanilla, Slytherins, failing.

Greatest Fear: Change.

Mental Profile: Sirius loves being the center of attention, yet he has his moments of melancholy. These bouts of sadness usually correspond with news from his parents, as his past has a way of sneaking up on him at odd times, resulting in forlorn or wistful gazing into space. That being said, his energy knows no bounds, and in moments of excitement it is hard to tell where the impulsive, reckless man stops and the energetic puppy starts. Thus, Sirius is a character who is prone to rash mood swings; moments of anger quickly pass as if forgotten and instances of giddiness have a way of quickly vanishing.

On the surface, Sirius is rash, bold, passionate and unafraid. While his moods vary greatly, his sense of adventure knows no bounds, and he is quick to jump into any situation, especially in defense of his friends. He is extremely loyal and protective and it is hard for Sirius to accept changes in his relationships or to see the bad side of people that he has come to trust. He does not give out his loyalties easily, however, which is why, while he is generally friendly and social, he has only a few very tight connections.

There is a side of Sirius that is much too clever for his own good. His reckless, gung-ho attitude is fueled by a quick, if not always sharp, mind. He works off his first impulse, but has the ability for planning and methodical thought which is often quickly dismissed. Sirius shies away from hard work, preferring instead to use his wit to find a quicker or easier solution to any given problem. He is not above using his good looks or inventing lies to get what he needs. Skirting the truth for Sirius is a fact of life. Assertive, optimistic, yet deeply conflicted, it is easier for Sirius to exaggerate the good and push away the bad then it is for him to admit defeat.


WALNUT TREE (the Passion) - unrelenting, strange and full of contrasts, often egotistic, aggressive, noble, broad horizon, unexpected reactions, spontaneous, unlimited ambition, no flexibility, difficult and uncommon partner, not always liked but often admired, ingenious strategist, very jealous and passionate, no compromise. - From The White Goddess

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Played By: Hugh Dancy
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