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Sirius Black
13 October 2008 @ 04:28 am
Sun is out, meaning more time frolicking and even less time indoors writing.

So besides Frank having accidentally given me a black eye (which I suppose mean training is going well) and James and Lils having once again vacated the premises, I’ve been left with nothing but a sorely neglected quill and my own devices.

Speaking of which, that bloody snuffbox has taken up humming in the middle of the night. I’m sorry if the rest of you chaps can hear it – I tried throwing the damned thing out the window but I found it the next day sitting on the front mat. Dad had a sense of humor, I’ll give the old man that.

Merlin, and now it sounds like something’s wrong with the bloody wireless…
Sirius Black
25 June 2008 @ 05:04 pm
Vacation! Sun and scantly-clad beauties here I come!

Hexed Private - for Order eyes onlyCollapse )

Don't have too much fun without me!
Sirius Black
07 June 2008 @ 12:10 am
Being openly shunned by all your nutter pureblood relatives? Not as bad as one may think.

Lounging luxuriously in my pants, is, without question, my favorite way to spend a day. I even tacked up a picture of me slipping a toad down the back of precious ickle Cissy’s robes in honor of the momentous and blissfully distant occasion. The look on her face…

Besides it seems like we’ll all soon have our own exclusive little wedding, that is, if certain people ever just do it already for Merlin’s sake. Even if I am still apprehensive about the whole idea, it’s like that time I got Spellotape stuck to my tongue – rip it off quickly or not at all. And yeah, I’ve heard it already, thanks. “Sirius doesn’t like change, Sirius is being selfish, blah blah blah” to which I say you can kindly bugger off.

Oh, now I’m in a mood.

I hope all this monogamy going around isn’t catching. I don’t think Mungo’s has a cure for that – mostly because I don’t think essence of sleazy porn and wistful memories for the good old days comes in an easy-to-swallow potion…

Note to self: invent potion, become wealthier than the Minister of Magic, rule world.

In conclusion, December, a summation:
Hellish month. Christmas good, vodka bad. Waking up the next morning with vague to no memories of why there is someone else hogging all your covers - awkward, to say the least (although I’m sure I was fantastic). Children like me? My family however, still, does not. Glad it’s all over.

Why hallo there 1979, how are we today?
Sirius Black
06 May 2008 @ 06:09 pm
I just heard the news.

Prongs – I –

Fuck, I need to go out.
Sirius Black
28 April 2008 @ 12:27 am
Contrary to popular belief, I am not a fan of strawberry jam.

Why Peter insists on stickying up the place, I’ll never know. Wormtail, the next time I find jammy fingerprints on my naughty magazines there will be hell to pay.

And when the only bit of adventure I’ve had all bloody day is finding jam on my reading material, it’s probably best just to chuck the whole afternoon and start fresh this evening. Ah, the exciting life of the affluent, incredibly good-looking and tragically bored.

That is, lounging gracefully in my fabulous flat is no longer cutting it, dear friends. Where is everyone? I have decided, after three bowls of instant cereal, fourteen cocktail olives and a block of aged gouda that being bored is detrimental to my stunning physique and thus, the continuing absence of my fellows is entirely to blame. Even though I know, oh yes, I know, Prongs is off somewhere sucking face and holding hands with the lovely Miss Evans and Moony is probably holed up somewhere reading or working and Wormy is, well, you’re out there jamming everything up, I’m sure.

It doesn’t translate well on paper, but I’m making faces at the lot of you.

Not that I'm worried or anything. The Inferi haven't come back when I wasn't looking, have they?
Sirius Black
05 March 2008 @ 03:02 am
Jamesie-boy, Prongs, The-Love-Of-My-Life --

Why didn't you tell me we were secretly doing the nasty together??

I mean, really, do you know how shocking it was when I met some nice lady-witch at a bar the other night, and she asked me if I was gay for James Potter? I had to read the article AT ONCE, and apparently, we're in this very sordid, very headline-able Relationship.

Prongsie....I don't know how to break it to you. I know we've shared a bed and all, during those cold and dark nights of our boyhood, but if you really wanted a piece of the fittest bachelor in London, you could have asked first!

I'll see you later tonight ----
The Infamous Sirius Black

PS: Oh, and since Skeeter seems to have left Moony and Pete out of the fun, what say you to a foursome of manly mansex?
Sirius Black
07 February 2008 @ 01:05 am
PrivateCollapse )
Sirius Black
02 February 2008 @ 07:49 pm
The Prewetts - and Marlene too now - this is ridiculous, it's a fucking shit and do they think they'll scare us? Or are they just hunting us down now, having a good laugh about it too, I bet, with a fucking list on their breakfast table saying "Oh, I think we'll take this one down next, I believe - " or at least making us think that it's so.

Marlene was as old as we are. She wasn't even trained like the Prewetts.

They're gonna fucking die. I'm not scared.
Sirius Black
Locked To Allies - that is, Marauders and close Order people

you know i can get to this whole life with no bloody morning classes and no having to see filthy slytherin faces and not get the chance to hex them into something a little nicer. trifle would be nice. no - trust it to a slytherin to make even that look wholly unappetizing.

so it was apparently my turn to cook tonight which obviously meant that we spent the night hunting around the area to look for some pub to kip over to and i really do like this area. i haven't barely been able to even look at it since i was barely around last summer and then went back to hogwarts, but its all full of muggles who think they're pretty untouchable shit and its really funny to watch them walk around like they know everything about the world. haha. haha. makes me so glad i got a flat with a view of the street.

i love having everyone staying here. we all got it extended to three floors, the one i actually bought, one for moony and pete, and one for prongs and lils and its fanfuckingtastic because if james and lily have sex we can't bloody hear it. at least, i can't. its so much nicer now than it was last year and i finally bought some fucking nice dishes because it was brilliant when they opened my cupboards and just saw cheap paper shit and some cups. what can i say, im shit at household spells and hate cleaning things we've got a maid for that, though there've been some complications since she's technically muggle and our flat got magically enlarged so i don't know what to do about it yet but she hasn't come by which is allright because now im not the only one who'd have to do household spells.

woo. im gonna go see what you lot're all up to. should probably sleep since i'll have to get up bitching early tomorrow for auror training, but where's the fun in that you know?